The wedding and reception will be held here, at the Twin Pines Camps, in Millinocket, Maine. This lakeside retreat is a great place for an outdoor casual wedding, with a great view of Mt. Katahdin and plenty of room for a big crowd. And there's plenty of stuff to do here besides just sitting through another boring wedding!

The ceremony officially gets underway at 4 p.m. on Saturday, September 18th. Dinner and reception will follow. However, feel free to show up anytime! The entire facility is ours from Friday - Sunday, so we encourage you to make a weekend out of it and enjoy some of the activites on the "Stuff to Do" page.

The wedding and reception will be outdoors, so dress appropriately for the average September evening temp of 50 degrees F. Of course, you can always retreat to the jacuzzi should it start to rain.

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